Dancing with Gravity: The Kinetic Sculptures of Jon Koenigsberg

Get to know kinetic mobile sculpture artist, Jon Koenigsberg from Pine, Colorado, as he prepares to release a collection of all new pieces for the latest virtual art show experience from Artburst Studios!

To Be Featured In:  Stories We Tell (Feb, 2024)
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Meet kinetic sculpture artist and painter Jon Koenigsberg from Pine Colorado!  After years in the corporate architecture world, Jon took a bold leap, leaving behind the confines of a conventional career to pursue his true calling – art. His artistic journey led him to Haystack, an artist colony nestled on a picturesque island off the coast of Maine. It was there that Jon experienced a revelation – art wasn’t just a hobby, but a viable career path.

“My work is born of my imagination, and inspired by my memories and dreams.” 

Over the years, Jon’s artistic evolution has been as dynamic as his creations. From abstract figurative works to three-dimensional kinetic sculptures, Jon’s portfolio reflects a journey of exploration and innovation. His latest foray into purely abstract pieces showcases the depth and complexity in his artistic expression.

Jon’s current focus lies in crafting incredible kinetic mobile sculptures that defy gravity and embrace fluidity. Working predominantly with copper, he pushes the boundaries of physics, creating pieces that teeter on the brink of instability yet exude an effortless sense of suspension. Each sculpture is a symphony of movement, delicately balanced to harmonize with the surrounding space.

What sets Jon’s mobiles apart is not just their visual allure, but their interactive nature. Encouraging viewers to touch and engage with his art, Jon invites them to become active participants in the experience. The joy of witnessing his mobiles dance and sway in response to gentle breezes or convective currents is an experience that transcends the visual realm, evoking a profound sense of wonder and fascination.

Whether serving as head turning accent pieces for indoor spaces, or braving the elements outdoors, Jon’s mobiles captivate with their beauty and dynamism. From the verdant patina of outdoor sculptures aging gracefully in the elements, to the subtle interplay of light and shadow indoors, each piece tells a story of balance, movement, and the boundless possibilities of artistic expression.

Jon’s latest collection of kinetic mobile sculptures will available during our upcoming virtual art show “Stories We Tell” (Feb 22-24).  To learn more about Jon and his incredible work (including his painting), visit his official website:  JonKoenigsberg.com

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