All pieces will be available for viewing and purchase at the posted start time of the show. Subscribers will have access to preview the artwork 24 hours in advance and Collector+ members will be able to preview the art 7 days in advance. No purchases will occur until showtime. There will be teasers provided by Artburst Studios and the Artburst artists on social media as the show date approaches.

Are you not only an art lover, but also an early adopter, a lover of sneak peeks, and a gleeful receiver of gifts? Then the Collector+ is totally for you!  Collector+ memberships are designed for passionate collectors who want to dive deeper. Members receive artist gifts, access to behind-the-scenes stories, and a downloadable custom show catalog in advance of major shows. In addition, the Artburst Leadership team has created a one-of-a-kind collaborative painting that will be gifted to one Collector+ member during the upcoming show. Membership is $49 per year. Click here to sign up. 

New artists will be added to every show, so while you will see some who are wonderfully familiar, you can also expect goosebump worthy artists you’ve never met before. We will be curating each show to provide you with a wonderful selection of artists and artwork. 

All artwork pricing is set by the artist. The Artburst Studios leadership team strongly believes that artists deserve to be paid for their passion, time, inspiration and dedication to bringing art into the world that would not otherwise exist. 

Artists will be in touch within 48 hours of your purchase to discuss shipping your art with you. You’ll be provided with an estimated timeline for shipment and anticipated delivery. Once a shipment has been dropped off to a carrier, we can’t guarantee a specific delivery date. Contact your artist for specific details if you have any questions or concerns. And…don’t forget to post pictures when you receive your treasures. We always love pictures!!

Absolutely! We love meeting new artists and while we search far and wide for amazing art, your input will make sure we don’t miss someone special. Send us the information and/or have the artist apply on our website. Your input is valuable in assisting Artburst and fabulous artists in making a connection. 

The easiest way is to subscribe to our newsletter and add us to your contact list so emails don’t end up in spam. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

In short, purchasing art at a fair price allows artists to continue making art. The Artburst leadership team feels strongly about supporting artists. We intentionally choose open-ended themes and don’t prescribe limitations on sizing, mediums, or pricing, granting artists the freedom to make original artwork that they love. Collectors walk away from Artburst shows knowing they have added a meaningful piece to their collection and are supporting incredible artists at the same time.

There will be a number of collectors ready to purchase artwork when the show opens. Here are a few tips to improve the chances of obtaining your favorite pieces.

  • Follow your favorite artist and/or Artburst Studios on social media to see teasers of show artwork.
  • Be online and ready at the moment when the show goes live. We suggest refreshing your screen if the show page doesn’t populate right on time.
  • Get a sneak preview of available art before show time by subscribing (24 hour advance sneak peek) or by purchasing a Collector+ annual membership (7 day advance sneak peek). You can view the artwork and prioritize your favorites ahead of time.
  • Search the art by the artist and/or availability.
  • Purchase one piece at a time. If you add multiple pieces to your cart, it’s possible that one or more of those pieces might have already been sold and it may delay the purchase of artwork that is available.