It began when three artists came together…

We felt an instant connection, became fast friends, and realized how much we had in common. Our shared desire to grow authentically, and to find new ways to send our work out into the world were the sparks that lit the Artburst fire. “What ifs” turned into “Why nots”. “Why nots” turned into “Hell, yeahs”! We recognized that our concept not only offered possibilities for us, but also for others. We surrounded ourselves with a highly skilled and equally passionate team of professionals and brought the dream to life.

Artburst Studios allows artists to share their authentic voices, and art collectors to fall in love with and easily purchase the art that speaks to them. It may have started with us, but we are even more excited to share it with you!

Meet the Leadership Team

Jennifer Steck

Artburst Studios combines Jennifer’s love of creating art and supporting artists with her previous law enforcement and small business experience in leadership and project management. She believes when the right doors open, the right team comes together and the right ideas collide, it’s time to LEAP. Jennifer is thrilled to be the Captain of the Artburst ship and part of such an amazing team!

Jennifer Yoswa

Enhanced by her experience as an educator and counselor, Jennifer excels at weaving collective ideas into actions that support the Artburst vision. Her superpowers of observing, reflecting, and creating ensure that the leadership team considers all options to make optimal impact. Also, she’s freaking hilarious. Jennifer is elated to be part of this creative, playful, professional team.

Rebecca Berman

As a nurse-midwife, Rebecca helped newborns and parents navigate intense transitions to successfully take their first steps. Her keen ability to break down, process, and translate complex ideas into digestible bites, makes her a strong addition to the Leadership Team. She’s delighted to be attending the birth of Artburst Studios, and takes her role as resident cheerleader very seriously.

How 1+1+1 Equals So Much More Than 3

As artists, we’ve collectively participated in over 60 juried exhibits, partnered with several galleries, won numerous awards, and been featured in more than a dozen different publications. We’ve opened studios, chaired shows, facilitated artist interviews, taught classes and held leadership roles in local art organizations. 

While the idea of Artburst Studios was born from our artist minds, our past life experiences have been integral in bringing this project to life. Our combined 7 degrees and 90+ years in law enforcement, education, and healthcare have taught us a thing or two about project development, organizational management, and facilitation strategies.  Co-founding schools and launching small businesses granted us opportunities to celebrate successes and successfully recover from set-backs.

We hate to brag, but we know you’re putting your trust in us, and we want you to rest assured, knowing that we’ve been around the block once or twice. We are life-long learners, creatives at our core, and shameless do-gooders.  With integrity, tenacity and humor, we launched Artburst Studios to bring more good (and more art!) into the world.