Leslie Miller: Painting the Layers of Human Experience

Get to know artist Leslie Miller, from Tubac, Arizona, as she prepares to release a collection of all new pieces for the latest virtual art show experience from Artburst Studios!

To Be Featured In:  An Unexpected Twist (May, 2024)
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Leslie Miller is a contemporary artist known for her captivating oil paintings with layers of cold wax medium. Her work is a reflection of the many layers that make up the human condition—each painting ebbs and flows through varying degrees of transparency and opacity, much like the complexity of human life.

Her journey into the art world began in 2014 when driven by her passion for creating and learning, she began to undertake independent study. Since then, Leslie has continued to refine her craft, constantly evolving her style and process.

Leslie’s artwork can be found in many local exhibits in Arizona, as well as in private collections across the United States. She is represented by K Newby Gallery in Tubac and earned the Master Meed award from the Tubac Center of the Arts in 2016.

“I believe the unique beauty of a person lies where their influences, their values and their experiences coincide.”

Originally from California, Leslie was adopted and raised in East Tennessee. Her experiences gathered from various places and cultures inform her artistic process. Leslie’s approach to painting involves working intuitively, layering and removing wax, building a visual narrative that resonates with complexity and depth. Just as people are influenced by their past and present, each piece she creates carries its own story in a similar way.

In addition to her own art, Leslie plays an active role in fostering creativity in others. She has served as the founding director of the Tubac School of Fine Art, the adult education division of the Tubac Center of the Arts. She also teaches workshops at the school and online, sharing her passion for cold wax and oil painting with a wider audience.

Leslie’s latest collection of original pieces will be unveiled at our next virtual art show “An Unexpected Twist“, which opens on Wednesday, May 29th at 10am MT. The show will close on Friday, May 31st at 6pm MT. Be sure to create your free Collector Account early so you are prepared for the show open!

You can see more of Leslie’s work at her official website: www.lesliemillerfineart.com

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