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"My hope is that when others view my work, they too can experience a moment of pause, a spark of emotion, and the underlying current of connection."

About Me

If my life were described as a busy 5 lane highway (and often this is an all too accurate portrayal), the parts where I’m creating art would be the scenic rest stops. In my studio, I get that same feeling – like I’ve climbed out of the car, had a good stretch, and actually took a look around me. I start out a little tight and rusty, but soon enough, I’m barefoot in the grass, checking out the vista, and taking in the human moments unfurling around me. The process of creating art helps me to slow down and close a few of the open “browser windows” in my brain. Just to be clear, being an artist isn’t exactly effortless bliss. I agonize over decisions and I can be wildly inefficient, with “trial and error” playing a key role in my process. I wrestle with paintings and scowl at sculptures, and more often than not, end up with paint in my hair. The effort is worth it when I hit the sweet spot - for me, this is when I can create a character that has never existed before that at the same time people feel drawn to, as if there's something at the core that is recognizable and relatable.

I paint what I know, and so while my fantastical characters have an otherworldly look about them, they come from my own experience. As these characters come to life, their own stories take shape. My previous work in healthcare, psychology, and education were all in part driven by my interest in the experience of emotional connection with others, and so it’s no surprise that these themes permeate my artwork.

I create beings meant to invite engagement. My hope is that when others view my work, they too can experience a moment of pause, a spark of emotion, and the underlying current of connection.

Examples of My Work

Fun Facts

Tag Free: I'm highly sensitive and have very low tolerance for itchiness. Even as an adult, I remove all those pesky tags from my clothing.
Hat Trick: On October 7th, 2017, with 2 of my besties, I ran the Denver Margarita Madness 5k, rode (and stayed on!) a mechanical bull for the first time, then won a dance competition (the prize was an ENORMOUS margarita).
Classy: When Natalie Merchant personally serenaded me, I forgot how to speak, stepped in someone’s nachos, and sweat through my jeans. It was amazing, obviously.
Worst Vegetarian Ever: I've had a completely meat-free kitchen at home for over ten years, but I still crave bacon and will not pass up an award winning rib if I' come across one in the wild.
Old New Runner: I fell in love with running in my mid-forties and am currently training for my first half-marathon.

More About Me

What other non-artist jobs have you had?

I’ve worked as an ice-cream scooper, a file clerk, a labor and delivery nurse, a hostess, a medical assistant, a college instructor, a clarinet tutor, a certified nurse-midwife, and a professional actress. I worked in a home for people with traumatic brain injuries and in the kitchen at the Olive Garden. I was also the world’s worst waitress.

What's your most embarrassing moment?

Hmm… let’s see. It could have been that time I was dancing on a table in Chicago and my pants split open…or that time I walked across the entire University of Michigan campus with a purple bra flapping from my backpack…or the time I RAN into a window (thinking it was an open door), bounced off and then backwards rolled into the street - all in front of a large crowd. Or, it could have been the time I was in the middle of delivering a baby when my pants fell off. Or the time I fainted in the middle of assisting during a C-Section. To be honest, this is barely scratching the surface, I’m pretty sure I could fill this entire page with my embarrassing silly business.

What do you wish you could tell your younger artist self?

I'd sit younger me down and say, "Now listen up, Buttercup. Start. Right. Now. Don't wait until you've watched all the videos or taken all the classes. Don't wait until you understand the ins and outs of it all. Don't wait until everyone else is taken care of or "the time is right." Don't even wait until you feel inspired, or confident, or brave enough, just start...RIGHT NOW...and see where it takes you".