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I love creating art that invites you to discover hidden details, sometimes both energetic and calming at the same time.

About Me

I've been drawn to art for as long as I can remember. Starting out as a Fine Arts major (at Ohio University, where I studied oil painting, fiber art, 3D, and mixed media), I changed course and after receiving a B.S. from Purdue University in Interior Design, I had a long career as an interior designer, specializing in healthcare interiors. My work included curating thousands of pieces of diverse art for placement in healthcare settings, which inspired me to spend more time creating my own art. After retiring in 2021 and moving from Denver, CO to Yardley, PA I have enjoyed spending much more time focusing on art. I've watched with interest as I get further away from schedules, deadlines, and the minutiae of the business environment, how my art has transitioned from somewhat structured and representational to much more intuitive abstract work. While I still work in both encaustic and cold wax with oil, the latter has caught my recent attention with its infinite opportunities for layering, texture, adding and subtracting, and exploring larger formats. I find inspiration in my daily walks around town, sometimes photographing an unusual color combination, observing the wildlife and plants along the canal, neighbors' gardens, and everyday objects, while continuing to draw on my background in creating healing environments through use of color, form, pattern, and other elements of design.

Examples of My Work

Fun Facts

Pickleball - As a new stereotypical retiree, I had to try it and now I play every week.
Broadway - Our new location allows my husband and I to take a train to NYC to catch the occasional show.
Wordle - I do it religiously every morning, and on my birthday this year I guessed it on the first word!
Dancing - I've been a recreational International Folk Dancer for over 50 years.
Awards - I am, embarrassingly, a former winner of the Messiest Desk in Denver.

More About Me

What other non-artist jobs have you had?

When we first moved to Denver, I had 5 jobs within 4 months; department store salesperson, receptionist, greenhouse worker, furniture sales, and interior design assistant. I've also been a waitress, folk dance instructor, library card catalog filer, grocery cashier, and bookstore clerk.

When did you know you were an artist?

I've thought of myself as an artist since kindergarten (my handprint "art" was outstanding). We always had art supplies available at home, so I was constantly doodling, drawing or painting and in high school, my bedroom became a giant macrame studio.

What do you want to learn next?

I'd like to learn Greek for an upcoming trip to Greece, but I ran across a book titled "Learn Greek in 25 Years- A Crash Course"... so maybe not...