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... to inspire a sense of visual poetry
from random, disparate parts …

About Me

I build sculptures from repurposed materials. The materials I use – wood salvage, metal scrap, and thrift store odds & ends – are items that catch my eye for their form, texture, intrigue, or familiarity.

These assemblage sculptures become a studies in “radical inclusion," elevating junk and cast-off items into surprising combos/configurations, whose parts energize and play off each other. The distressed condition of some of the components resonate with the Japanese aesthetic concept of "wabi sabi" -- referring to the elegance of imperfection and impermanence. The hope is to inspire a sense of visual poetry from random, disparate parts.

Years ago, I earned my BFA from the University of Colorado at Denver. I am mostly based in Denver, Colorado, but also enjoy extended times in Oceanside, California, in communion with the ocean and my grandchildren.

Examples of My Work

Fun Facts

Habitat – I am happy in, on, or near water.
Games – Scrabble is my jam.
Grands – My beloved little ones are Kai, Bodhi, and Vesper.
Once upon a time – I lived on a boat in the SF Bay in Sausalito, Ca.
Confession – I'm vainer than I look.

More About Me

What is your hidden talent or claim to fame?

I have written poetry for many years. More recently, I have had two books of poems published: "Float True" (Shanti Arts LLC, March 2020) and "Last Will and Best Guesses" (Finishing Line Press, September 2022).

What inspires you?

The play of light upon water, goodness in human form, unexpected engaging connections, the return of long lost dreams, music that anoints my soul.

What one (art) item can you not do or go without?

My power drill!