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"I'm always surrounded by furry inspiration and can't help but translate that joy on canvas."

About Me

Ideas come at the strangest moments…in the middle of the night, while swimming laps or playing with my dogs and sometimes when I’m working on another creation. I love all the possibilities that exist when I pull out a blank canvas and paint.

Creativity has always played a role in my life, mostly as time to explore without expectations. It wasn't until I left a career in law enforcement, that I had time to dive deeper into something I've always loved. As my joy of playing with paint started translating on canvas, the doors opened and here I am, years later, a working artist.

At a time when the world seems to be divided, I hope to capture something that will make you smile, or laugh…even if it means you walk away shaking your head wondering what I was thinking. We have way more in common that we may realize and if laughing connects us, it's a great start.

I love being an artist!

Examples of My Work

Fun Facts

Food Fights - Sometimes, I just can't help myself. Whip cream desserts are especially tempting.
Bears, Oh My! - A polar bear in the wild sniffed the bottom of my boots through the metal grate of a Polar Rover vehicle. I was inches away. Talk about a rush!
Snap - One of my other creative outlets is photography. Sometimes those photos come to life in my paintings.
Travel - It's not a beach vacation for me…I love to visit the wild places of the world, like Africa and Antarctica.
Binging - My most recent tv binge session was "The Great Pottery Throw Down" and now I've added a ceramics class to my schedule.

More About Me

When did you know you were an artist?

It took a long time for me to embrace the term "artist". I finally got comfortable saying it about six or seven years ago. Art comes in many different forms and ALL of us are artists. Even you!

What do you wish you could tell your younger artist self?

Not everyone will love your art and that's okay. Just create what you are passionate about and the people who it's meant for will find it.

Which artist (famous or not) has influenced you the most and how?

Only one? There are so many including some of my fellow Artburst artists. If I have to select one, I guess it would be Dr. Seuss. I've always been inspired and fascinated by the worlds, stories and characters he created along the way.