Storytelling in Clay: Welcome to the Whimsical World of Sculptor Jeanine Pennell

Meet Artist Jeanine Pennell from Stockton, New Jersey – Crafting New Tales in Kiln Fired Paperclay for Artburst Studios’ Upcoming Virtual Art Show…

To Be Featured In:  Stories We Tell (Feb, 2024)
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In the world of sculpture, Jeanine Pennell distinguishes herself with an extraordinary talent in creating figures that strike a delicate balance between whimsical charm and the unspoken depths of human emotion, leading you into a realm of rich storytelling. Each piece, meticulously hand-sculpted, painted, and fired, possesses a gritty, illustrative quality that sets Jeanine’s style apart as both deeply satisfying and uniquely enchanting.

“When I walk into the studio each day I ask myself: What magic will I create today?” ~ Jeanine Pennell

Jeanine’s childhood love for clay animation, dollhouse miniatures, and the creation of miniature worlds resurfaces in her sculptures. Her pieces are imbued with a sense of wonder in the mysteries of found objects and their stories, as well as a contemplation of vulnerability, as seen in her use of masks. This reflects the playfulness of childhood and the facades of adulthood.

Her process starts with intuitive freehand sketches, allowing her ideas to organically take shape before she breathes life into them with clay. She then paints these drawings and sculpts the piece in one day to keep the inspiration fresh. These sculptures, seeming to materialize from thin air, are fired and emerge as powerful expressions of personal exploration and insight.

Her education at the Arts Students League in NYC and the Mason Gross School of Art at Rutgers University, along with her experience as the owner of Frame of Mind Gallery in Holmdel, NJ, have profoundly influenced her art.

In our upcoming virtual art show, “Stories We Tell”, we invite you to step into Jeanine’s world where she will unveil an exclusive new collection brimming with imagination and meaning.  You can view more of Jeanine’s pieces on her website “Bonetown Studio“.

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