In Full Bloom: The Vibrant Art of Terry Scopes

Get to know artist Terry Scopes, from Salt Lake City, Utah, as she prepares to release a collection of all new pieces for the latest virtual art show experience from Artburst Studios!

To Be Featured In:  Stories We Tell (Feb, 2024)
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Step into the vibrant world of Terry Scopes, where every brushstroke tells a story through exuberant colors, plentiful flowers, and boundless joy. As Terry puts it, her paintings serve as colorful reminders of the happiness that simple blossoms bring into our everyday lives. With a deep-rooted love for nature’s beauty and an intuitive response to its wonders, Terry’s art captures the essence of spring cherry blossoms, wildflowers dancing in the wind, and handpicked blooms adorning summer tables.

“My paintings tell colorful stories of bold, strong, exuberant flowers, that serve as visual reminders of how much happiness simple blossoms bring into our everyday lives.” 

Terry’s journey as an artist began at the tender age of four, when she discovered a passion for painting in her preschool classroom. Since then, Terry has continued to evolve as an artist, drawing inspiration from family, natural splendors such as Utah’s aspen groves, and the vast landscapes of the American West.

In Terry’s garden of art, flowers take center stage, bursting forth in bold, vibrant hues that dance across the canvas. Whether casually arranged in mason jars on porch railings or adorning kitchen tables in paper cups, these blossoms radiate with the simple joys of life. Terry’s paintings not only bring smiles to faces but also offer moments of respite from the challenges of the day, adding a touch of colorful personality to any space they inhabit.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature’s bounty as Terry’s latest collection is unveiled at our upcoming virtual art show “Stories We Tell” (Feb 22-24).  To learn more about Terry and her art, visit her official website:

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