Retro Visions, Modern Voices: The Evocative Collage Art of Robin Whatley

Meet Robin Whatley from Denver, Colorado – Reimagining the Past Through a New Mixed Media Collection in Artburst Studios’ Next Virtual Art Show…

To Be Featured In:  Stories We Tell (Feb, 2024)
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In Denver’s art scene, Robin Whatley stands out as a uniquely talented artist, seamlessly blending elements of 50s, 60s, and 70s pop culture with the vibrancy of contemporary life. Her unique approach combines carefully chosen magazine cut-outs and water-based paints to transport the viewer to otherworldly landscapes.

Look at her pieces long enough, and you’ll see that these surreal, dreamlike vignettes are brimming with deeper psychological and political meanings.

“ By combining and mixing images, colors and shapes, the unexpected is discovered.” ~ Robin Whatley

Robin’s journey as an artist is a story of determination and passion. A graduate from Colorado State University with a BFA in painting, her artistic foundations were laid early in life.  Robin grew up in northern Colorado as the daughter of two working artists. Influenced by the rich exposure to diverse art forms, she developed a boundary-pushing approach to her art. Her mother, an established artist, her college painting professor, and other mentors have played pivotal roles in nurturing her talents and helping to shape her artistic identity.

Over her 18-year career, Robin has held various roles in the art world, from a non-profit program coordinator to an art consultant. This diverse experience culminated in her decision in October 2021 to pursue full-time professional artistry. Her work has since graced numerous exhibitions across the United States.

Robin’s story and her work both serve as a powerful reminder of art’s ability to bridge past and present. Robin continues to inspire and challenge, pushing the limits in proving that art is a dynamic, ever-evolving conversation across time.  We are pleased to welcome Robin to “Stories We Tell”, the first Artburst Studios virtual art show of 2024.

In the upcoming release of her newest collection in our show, Robin will surely be inviting us to explore the rich stories woven into her reimagined pop culture landscapes.  Check out Robin’s official website to learn more about her style and other places you can find her work.

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