Threaded Wonders: The Colorful World of Lisa Call’s Textile Art

Meet textile artist, Lisa Call from New Zealand, as she prepares to release her newest collection in the latest virtual art show experience from Artburst Studios!

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Residing on the picturesque Kapiti Coast of New Zealand’s North Island, Lisa Call’s incredible textile art mirrors the essence of her surroundings, infused with themes of adventure and connection.

Her unique style, shaped in part by an extensive background in computer science, manifests in the bold geometric compositions and abstract landscapes that grace her work.  Lisa’s work is a testament to embracing the unknown and exploring new possibilities—an echo of her own life’s exciting journey from Denver, Colorado, to the captivating landscapes of New Zealand in 2015.

“My abstract textile paintings explore memory, movement, possibility and adventure.” ~ Lisa Call

Throughout her process, Lisa’s dance with fabric unfolds in a series of meticulously orchestrated steps. Commencing with the creation of color, Lisa begins with a blank canvas of white fabric, transforming it into a vibrant palette of hues, textures, and patterns through the playful chaos of dyes and paints. This initial stage, reminiscent of an artistic finger-painting adventure, lays the foundation for what follows.

She then performs a delicate choreography of cutting and rearranging the fabric fragments into captivating compositions. Lisa navigates the intricate puzzle of planning ahead while also embracing improvisation, as the pieces undergo a constant metamorphosis throughout the project.

Lisa employs tools traditionally associated with sewing, such as empty spools of thread and meticulously carved stamps, to create distinctive marks. These marks add layers of depth and personality to the evolving piece.

Hours upon hours are devoted to the intricate stitching that adds a rich and tactile dimension to her work. Remarkably, this stage has become Lisa’s favorite part of the process—a meditative ritual of sewing straight lines back and forth, a soothing repetition that transforms her studio into a sanctuary of focused tranquility. Through each carefully crafted stitch, Lisa elevates fabric to an art form, turning her process into a mesmerizing symphony of color, composition, and texture.

Lisa’s global footprint in the art world is marked by an extensive exhibition history, showcasing her textile paintings in both solo and group shows across the globe. Her pieces have found a place in prestigious museum exhibits, including the Danforth Museum of Art in Massachusetts, The Mint Museum of Craft + Design in North Carolina, and The Atlantic Center in Florida. Notable public and private collections, such as the University Hospitals in Cleveland and the University of Pennsylvania, proudly feature Lisa’s work.

Through her artwork, Lisa invites us to join her in a journey of exploration, where every stitch, color, and composition unveils a new story of connection, adventure, and the beauty found in embracing the unknown.

You can learn more about Lisa, her adventures, and her work on her official website.

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