Tapestry of Dreams: Discovering Jen Renzel’s Mixed-Media Marvels

Get to know artist, Jen Renzel from San Jose, California, as she prepares to release a collection of all new pieces for the latest virtual art show experience from Artburst Studios!

To Be Featured In:  Stories We Tell (Feb, 2024)
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In the whimsical world of mixed-media artist, Jen Renzel, imagination reigns supreme. From the depths of her dreams to the pages of science fiction novels, every movement of her brush and every character she creates is an invitation into a fantastical realm all her own. Self-taught and residing in the heart of Silicon Valley, Jen embarked on a full-time journey into the realm of art after bidding adieu to the high-tech hustle.

“I love mixed media — I’m the queen of too many art supplies and too many ideas.” 

A self-proclaimed “queen of too many art supplies and too many ideas,” Jen thrives on experimentation, dabbling in various mediums to bring her visions to life. While her early years were dominated by the creation of found-object sculptures and intricate shadow boxes, her focus has since shifted to drawing and painting.

At the core of Jen’s artistic style lies a fascination with world-building and monster-making, a passion cultivated in her formative years spent devouring horror films and delving into the eerie realms of H.P. Lovecraft’s literature. It’s no wonder, then, that creatures and otherworldly beings populate her work.

Her preferred canvas? Anything and everything, from vintage book covers to aged papers, each one specially chosen to provide the perfect backdrop for her mixed-media marvels. Embracing the unpredictable nature of collage in many of her pieces, she finds freedom in the artist process, allowing ideas to evolve organically until a cohesive scene emerges.

Jen’s incredible new collection will be available exclusively during our upcoming virtual art show, “Stories We Tell” (Feb 22-25).  Her latest work is yet another collection of eclectic ideas featuring a whole new cast of characters, many of whom are inspired by storybooks you may find familiar.

Learn more about Jen and her amazing work by visiting her official website: JJRenzel.com 

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