Coloring Outside the Lines: The Art of Dianna Fritzler

Get to know painter Dianna Fritzler from Grand Junction, Colorado as she prepares to release her incredible new collection for the latest virtual art show experience from Artburst Studios!

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Meet the amazing Dianna Fritzler, whose work beautifully captures the vibrant essence of life’s chaotic beauty. Guided by the theme “Exuberant Art for the Eternally Optimistic,” her creations are a lively celebration of color and texture, bringing a sense of joy to all who encounter them.

Dianna’s artistic journey traces back to her childhood, where bold lined coloring books and Crayola crayons were cherished tools of expression. Her meticulous attention to detail, once confined to coloring within the lines, has evolved into a passion for embracing imperfections and distilling “the bigger picture of life” into her pieces.

“Exuberant Art for the Eternally Optimistic!” ~ Dianna Fritzler

Dianna’s college years in the University of Wyoming’s photography darkroom set the stage for a twenty-year stint as an art director and copywriter in the advertising world. In a pivotal interlude at 25, she sold her belongings and embarked on a year-long backpacking expedition around the world. Her goal? To explore as many art museums and architectural wonders as possible. It was during this transformative journey that her deep desire to paint began to grow.

Returning to the U.S., Dianna unexpectedly fell in love, got married, and became a mother. Despite the demands of motherhood and a burgeoning career, her dedication to pursuing her art persisted.

Now, decades later, Dianna Fritzler is a full-time artist, with paintings appearing in collections far and wide; Children’s Hospital Colorado, St. Mary’s Hospital, Colorado Mesa University, and Hospice and Palliative Care of Western Colorado are just a few proud owners of Dianna’s works. Her work also graces the labels of Grande River wine bottles, highlighting the wide appeal of her style and creative expressions.

Represented by galleries in Colorado and Arizona, Dianna is on the faculty of the Art Students League of Denver. In addition to painting, she passionately shares her expertise through Cold Wax and Bodacious Blooms workshops across the country.

For Dianna, the greatest honor lies in spreading joy through her paintings, and teaching others to explore their own creative spirit with confidence. Her exuberance for life carries through into the essence of her work – a dance of colors, textures, lines, and shapes that invite us all to live in the moment with complete awareness and, more importantly, acceptance.

Along with her husband and sheepadoodle, Hazel, Dianna resides near the base of the gorgeous Colorado National Monument in Grand Junction, CO, where she continues to create pieces that express the vivacity and joy she finds in life’s beautiful chaos.  You can view her work by visiting her official website.

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