Wild Canvas: The Multifaceted Menagerie of Artist Bryan Holland

Get to know artist Bryan Holland from Saint Peter, Minnesota as he prepares to release a series of all new, original pieces for the latest virtual art show experience from Artburst Studios!

To Be Featured In:  Stories We Tell (Feb, 2024)
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Join us on a journey into the world of Bryan Holland, where each of his pieces are seasoned with cultural associations that shine through the layers of oil on canvas or panel. Realistic portrayals form the heart of his work, while the infusion of design elements like text, patterns, and decorative motifs creates a nuanced visual language that challenges preconceived notions of art.

“Taken as a whole or viewed individually, Holland’s work creates a dense tapestry of cultural associations that reveal a deep interest in commercial art of both the past and present.”

Breaking free from conventional boundaries, Bryan’s work invites us to delve into the nuanced interplay between tradition and modernity. His paintings embody a fusion of traditional techniques and contemporary experimentation, with oils, collage, and image transfer playing key roles in his process.

Bryan’s artistic process mirrors the contradictions within his work. From sketches of birds and animals to conceptual digital mock-ups, his approach to realizing the vision behind each piece varies. The synergy of realistically rendered subjects with flat elements challenges viewers’ perceptions of illusion and reality. It’s a dance between opposing aesthetics, much like the concept of Yin and Yang, where contradictions both contrast and complement each other.

Beyond his role as an artist, Bryan Holland has worn many hats—graphic artist, college professor, gallery owner, and event organizer. His recent contributions to the art community include founding and working with two other artists to organize an annual studio crawl event, and serving on the board of a local artist alliance.

Bryan’s paintings have graced numerous exhibitions, both solo and national, earning recognition in prestigious publications such as Spectrum Fantastic Art, Hi-Fructose, Juxtapoz, and New American Paintings. Holland’s work has also been featured on MN Public TV’s show and MN Originals.

Holland’s art, when taken as a whole or examined individually, weaves a dense tapestry of cultural associations. His pieces, reminiscent of bygone billboard art and Mad Men-era advertising, carry a retro quality. Images of everyday items seamlessly blend with wild animals in staged poses, creating a juxtaposition that resonates with the tableau of natural history museums.

In some of his work, costumes and poses reminiscent of Renaissance and classical portraiture add yet another layer to Holland’s eclectic side. The result is a captivating exploration of art spanning both past and present that is simply a joy to experience.

Learn more about Bryan and his work at his official website:  Bryan Holland Arts.  His latest incredible collection is now ready and set to release at our upcoming virtual art show “Stories We Tell” (Feb 22-24).  Bryan’s work is sure to be a popular addition to the show.  Remember, all Collector Plus members receive a 7-day advance sneak peek of artwork – get ready for the next show by joining Collector Plus or create your free Artburst account today!

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