Vivid Hues and Bold Narratives: The Art of Allison Clements

Meet Allison Clements from Toledo Ohio – Bringing Her Colorful Conversations on Canvas to Artburst Studios’ Next Virtual Art Show…

To Be Featured In:  Stories We Tell (Feb, 2024)
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As an artist who finds profound joy and solace in the act of creating her art, Allison Clements has carved a niche for herself in the world of painting. The process of creating is a journey without a defined destination, marked by freedom from the concepts of painting the “right or wrong way”. Her art is a reflection of her own inner world, a translation of feelings and emotions into visual expressions bursting with colors she hopes resonates with others.

Allison’s approach to painting mirrors her perspective on life. She embraces imperfection and understands that, like a canvas marred by an unintended stroke, life too, allows room for correction and new beginnings.

“ It’s How I See The World…I See Mini Paintings.” ~ Allison Clements

Allison’s creative process focuses most on the act of making art, cherishing the journey more than the outcome. She aspires for her work to connect with people at a personal level, whether it serves as a reminder of life’s beauty, or simply serves as an aesthetically pleasing piece in their living space.

Allison holds a BFA from Ohio University with an emphasis in painting, has studied art in Prague, Czech Republic, and has been awarded a Masters in Art Education from the University of Toledo. Her experience also extends to teaching painting and drawing.  She once taught at Toledo School for the Arts and conducted classes at the Toledo Museum of Art.

Away from her Art Studio, Allison is actively involved in her family’s life. She enjoys working out, training others, supporting her daughters in dance competitions, and cheering for her son at basketball games. Allison and her husband, who met while studying art in Prague in the late 1990s, share their lives in Toledo, Ohio with their three children and two dogs.

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