Almost 100 original pieces of art found new homes during the Inside, Outside, Upside Down show, and so many artists and art lovers made meaningful personal CONNECTIONS.

There’s nothing like learning more about the artists who create your favorite masterpieces.

Things may seem quiet now, but rest assured, we’re busy as bees behind the scenes, enhancing the Artburst experience and planning the next show!

Drum roll, please…

Our next show, “Poetry in Motion”, will open in October.  We will be introducing the artists, both brand new and returning, over the next few months. It’s going to be an amazing show!

There’s a lot of planning that happens behind the curtain before we get to the grand reveal.  While we don’t have any completed gorgeous paintings, dazzling jewels or quirky sculptures to share with you just yet, we DO have a sweet nugget that just might knock your socks off…

As many of you know, SNACKS are an integral part of all Arbursty activities. We thought you might be interested in our current favorite.  This one gets us drooling and dreaming and keeps us smiling, even in the less-exciting moments.  You can thank us later.  (And no, we don’t have an endorsement deal. ????)

Jennifer Y. introduced us to these tasty treats months ago, and after many rounds of rigorous “research,” we’ve declared Effie’s Homemade Lightly Sweet Cocoa Biscuits to be utterly delicious.  We might even go so far as to call them Art in Biscuit form. Just to clarify things, we aren’t always so handy in the kitchen, especially when we’re covered in paint, so these are treats we purchased at a local store.

We’ll be back soon with artist introductions and stunning artwork.  For now, enjoy the quiet moments (and maybe a biscuit or two…).

J, J & R