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Welcome to the Resources section of the Artist Portal.  We will be adding more resources as we get closer to the show. Let us know if there are any additional items or links that you’d like included.

ABArtists FB Page

Marketing: Options on ways to market yourself, your work and the upcoming show

  • Artist Marketing Tips – Just a few tips on how to maximize your marketing outreach.
  • Press Releases 101 – Intimidating? Maybe. But you can do it. Building a list of media contacts and submission deadlines can feel overwhelming, but this could be just the boost you need to take your work to the next level. It’s all about planting seeds and at some point, all of your work will pay off in an amazing way.
  • Sample Artist Press Release – Review this draft press release, copy and paste it into a document and make whatever changes best represent you as an artist. Most of us have never sent a press release out, much less written one. Make sure to replace any of the blue sections with your name and address or remove them if they are information on what you need to attach to make it more likely your local media outlets will publish the details. Jennifer Steck is happy to be the Artburst Studios contact, if they need one. Give it a try! What’s the worst that could happen? Your information gets published and you meet lots of new collectors? We say, “Bravo!”
  • Sample Artist Social Media Posts and Email For Gifted Memberships– Check out our sample posts you can use to market yourself and the upcoming show. We’ve also included a sample email you can send to your top collectors, gifting them a Collector+ membership in appreciation for all of their support over the years.
  • Artist Timeline – We’ll continue to make announcements about upcoming deadlines, but here’s a quick link to the Artist Timeline for your review.
  • Suggested reading-

Business Resources: Here are business resources we’ve found helpful, from sites where we can order merchandise or supplies, to books we love

  • – Moo has business cards, post cards, stickers and lots of other options for printed materials. Jennifer Yoswa and Jennifer Steck use Moo for a variety of items and love their quality. Moo occasionally has great sales, so keep an eye out.
  • Rockin Monkey – Jennifer S uses Rockin’ Monkey for her stickers
  • Sticker Giant – Michele Messenger loves the stickers that she receives from Sticker Giant
  • – Supplies for plastic sleeves, backboards and bags
  • –  Boxes and other shipping supplies (Shipping costs can be expensive, but if you are ordering in bulk, it’s way less expensive per box than buying one box at a time.)
  • Artwork Archive – Artwork Archive is a site that assists in inventorying your work, limited edition prints, and sales and expense tracking. There are also opportunities to feature your work.
  • – Many of the Artburst Studios documents and videos were created on Canva. It’s fairly easy to use and they have great templates that are designed for specific types of design, including FB banners, IG stories, and other post types.
  • – Printful is a drop ship company that can seamlessly connect to a variety of shopping platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. Customers can order t-shirts and other merchandise directly from your site and it will automatically transfer to Printful, who will then print and ship out the product. They offer a variety of options and do a quality job. Make sure you order a few items with your designs printed on them so you can see first hand what it looks like. Jennifer S found one of the sweatshirt options that didn’t show off her work, but has really loved the t-shirts.
  • Suggested reading-
    • Profit First by Mike Michalowicz – Money management as a small business can be challenging. This book focus’ on keeping track of your money in a variety of accounts so that we, as business owners, are more in control of our expenses and actually prioritize having money available to pay ourselves and at the same time fund a profit account we can use for emergencies.
    • Anything You Want by Derek Sivers – We discovered this book on We found this to be an easy read with amazing nuggets related to service. As Artburst Studios was being created, we took to heart a number of these concepts. It makes a huge difference in how we build and run our business.

AB Artist Zoom Meetings and Newsletters

Password: ABZoomies

All of our Zoom meetings are recorded so you can review them if you were unable to attend or need a refresher. 

January Artist Communications

January Artist News

Zoom Meeting:

January 5th, 2022- Topics: Artwork Uploading- Jaw dropped! The artwork being uploaded is magnificent. Bravo, everyone! All artwork needs to be uploaded by midnight on January 15th. You’ll have access to edit until midnight on January 18th. Please go through everything and make sure it is as accurate as possible. Our team will go through everything once all of your edits are done so we can try to catch anything that might need updating.  Shipping- There was a discussion again on shipping, but everyone seems to have an idea about how they are going to approach the different shipping zones. Be aware that shipping companies have limits on insurance for artwork. Make sure you check the details so that you’re covered if one of your pieces is damaged in transit.  Collector+-  Please finish inviting your top five collectors if you haven’t already. These are the art lovers you are giving a coupon code to so the membership is free to them. Marketing- Effective immediately, Operation Marketing is in effect. Please share two pieces a week (no pricing please) until the show begins. Share all but two pieces. Those two pieces will be released as part of the Collector+ catalog. Send art lovers to the Artburst Studios website to subscribe. Like and follow the Artburst Studios FB page. We have created a show event that you can invite your FB followers to so they will receive reminders from FB. Don’t forget to include show details on your website and in your subscriber newsletters.

Our next artist Zoom call will be held on January 24th at 2pm. The focus of the meeting will be marketing and our marketing team will be present the marketing strategy and how we will all play a role in the execution.

December Artist Communications

December Artist News

Upload Artwork Tutorial

Zoom Meeting:

December 8, 2022- Topics: Artwork Uploading- Artwork uploading is live. Please upload as many of your pieces as you can by December 15th. If you upload a piece and it’s still going to need some changes, please put TEST in the title so we are aware changes may be occurring.  Shipping- With the amazing addition of our artists from Australia, German and Canada, Artburst has gone international! What does that mean to you? More art lovers will be attending our show and will benefit from having an idea about how much shipping will cost to their part of the world. We have not covered every country in our three shipping zones, but we focused on our artist locations and where we are seeing current traffic on the website. Art lovers from other countries not included will still need to contact you to determine shipping costs. While it’s not require that you add shipping costs for every zone, we highly recommend it. On some pieces, you’ll collect a bit more than the actual costs and others a bit less. We’re hoping it evens out. And…if someone purchases multiple pieces of yours, you can always refund excess shipping costs.  Collector+- We are getting great feedback on the Collector+ Gift Kits. The collectors LOVE their gifts. Please finish inviting your top five collectors if you haven’t already. The Collector+ memberships will increase in price from $44 to $49 effective January 1st. Marketing- You can now begin sharing finished pieces. Hold back two that don’t get shared. That way, our Collector+ members will be the first to see them in the Collector+ catalog. Do not share pricing, please.

November Artist Communications

November Artist News

November Marketing Guide

Zoom Meeting:

November 4, 2022- Topics: Marketing tidbits…yes, you can double, triple or even quadruple dip! During this Zoom meeting we outline what your role is in marketing and it’s may not be as challenging as you think. Collector+ Gift Kits– Would you like to see what the Collector+ members are going to see when they receive the gifts you’ve included specifically for them? The kits are beautiful and are representing all of you in a unique and thoughtful way. International Shipping– We will be working on updating information available to collectors during shows so they can select the right region for shipping and have an idea of their total costs before they buy.

October Artist Communications

October Artist News- Sample Social Media Messaging 10/22

October Artist News- Collector+ Gifting for Artists’ Top Five Collectors 10/21

October Artist News- Zoom Summary 10/7

October Marketing Guide

Zoom Meeting:

October 5, 2022- Topics: Updates to the artist dashboard: affiliate links, Google drive folder containing AB graphics, uploading artist created marketing pieces to your Google drive folder; Marketing guide for October; Overview of creating Pass the Brush video snippets

September Artist Communications

September Artist Newsletter

Zoom Meeting:

September 1, 2022- Topics: Artist onboarding process, 100+ pieces of marketing materials, Collector+ memberships, Affiliate links, etc.