Artist Resources

Welcome to the Resources section of the Artist Portal. This is a great place to find details and tutorials that will be helpful in navigating the upcoming shows.

Artist Onboarding:

Artist onboarding is simply creating your artist profile to be linked to the Meet the Artist page. This is where art lovers can find details about you, samples of your work and links to your social media and website accounts. It’s a wonderful way for them to explore artists in upcoming shows in advance.

Artist Onboarding Cheat Sheet
Artist Onboarding Tutorial Video

Here are a few tips on how to make the process easier:

  • Write your bio and answers to selected questions in a Word document first so you can easily check grammar and spelling. Write in first person as if you are speaking directly to someone who loves art.
  • Your profile picture will be used multiple times in website and marketing content. Please make sure it’s a photo that you are proud to present to the world.

Marketing: Options on ways to market yourself, your work and the upcoming show

  • Artist Marketing Tips – Just a few tips on how to maximize your marketing outreach.
  • Press Releases 101 – Intimidating? Maybe. But you can do it. Building a list of media contacts and submission deadlines can feel overwhelming, but this could be just the boost you need to take your work to the next level. It’s all about planting seeds and at some point, all of your work will pay off in an amazing way.
  • Sample Artist Press Release – Review this draft press release, copy and paste it into a document and make whatever changes best represent you as an artist. Most of us have never sent a press release out, much less written one. Make sure to replace any of the blue sections with your name and address or remove them if they are information on what you need to attach to make it more likely your local media outlets will publish the details. Jennifer Steck is happy to be the Artburst Studios contact, if they need one. Give it a try! What’s the worst that could happen? Your information gets published and you meet lots of new collectors? We say, “Bravo!”
  • Sample Artist Social Media Posts and Email For Gifted Memberships– Check out our sample posts you can use to market yourself and the upcoming show. We’ve also included a sample email you can send to your top collectors, gifting them a Collector+ membership in appreciation for all of their support over the years.