Artist FAQ’s

Determine the dimensions of the package you will be shipping. Weigh both the box and either the actual piece or one of similar size on a quality postal scale. Packaging materials will add a little to the weight. If you have a Paypal business account, you can estimate shipping costs at a business rate, which may save you some money. Some artists also use Pirate Ship. Enter in all the details along with a sample mail address to view pricing options from several maling services. You may want to include costs for additional services (insurance, signature on delivery, etc.) Sometimes it can be less expensive to ship USPS flat rate depending upon the size and weight of your art.

 Most of us send extra gifts already when we send art to collectors. They are the small prints, postcards, notecards, etc, letting collectors know how much we value their business. Each Collector+ member will receive a package including a random sampling of these artist gifts.  All of the pieces can be the same, or you can vary your gifts.  Pieces can be prints or originals, but should be new to collectors for this show. Please make sure these are unique and not items that collectors have already received when they bought a piece from you in the past or will receive if they purchase something from you in the future. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to potential new collectors and to remind current collectors why they love you and your work. You can also write a short thank you note and add your website address on the back. Please do not send business cards or coupons. Make sure you include an envelope if you are sending a note card and package them together in a plastic sleeve. We can accommodate flat items up to 8″ x 10″. 

Marketing for Artburst shows is a group affair!  From sending out invitations to our mailing lists, giving sneak peeks on our social media accounts and spreading the word locally, marketing will be done on many levels.   Artburst Studios is specifically gathering all of the items artists upload to their Google Drives, information on your artist profile and related to your show pieces.  We will be featuring artists, telling their stories and messaging on our social media accounts and in our newsletters. We’ll also be purchasing ads on social media, sending out press releases and talking about you every chance we get.  

Your responsibility is to market your involvement in the show, just as you would any other show. Just think of the power of a group of passionately talented artists!

Artists have the option of receiving payments through Paypal or by check. Please let us know which option you prefer. Checks will be issued from the bank and will take longer to receive but it does save you Paypal processing charges. We will provide an accounting for your review and approval within 48 hours after the show ends. Once you approve it, we will process your first payment. Within 72 hours of the end of the show, 25% of monies due to artists from the sale of their work (less 30% Artburst commission) and 100% of shipping costs will be sent out. Forward shipment tracking codes or confirm personal delivery of items to collectors to Artburst Studios. Once we receive confirmation of shipping/delivery, we will forward the balance of monies due (less 30% Artburst commission) plus any affiliate earnings from the sales of Collector+ memberships sold by way of your affiliate link within five business days. 

We have all been there.  Marketing and selling art or art shows may not feel comfortable for you so we are going to do our best to make it easy to market this show and to also market yourself in the process.  We have created a marketing options list to give you some idea or you can design your own promotions. We will be sharing samples on the private Facebook page and will be providing sample promotions where you can plug and play in your current promotion systems (like social media, your newsletter, or even press release style promotions).  

We recommend a few simple things:

  • Share our prepared posts
  • Make progress pictures of your art and share them with your audience
  • Ask your audience to tell you what they like about your work.  Asking questions and engaging with your collectors is a great way to create engagement
  • We will be highlighting information about each of our artists on our social pages and we encourage you to share that with your list.  It is a great way to tell our story while also promoting your art.  

If you have questions about marketing, ask questions on the private Facebook page and we can all make suggestions.  We will all work together to create amazing content. 

The Zoom meetings are optional, but we hope you’ll be able to attend at least a few. It’s a great way to get to know your fellow artists. We are all in this together and collectively, there is so much wisdom in the “Zoom room”. We will record the meetings so you can watch them later and the video and notes will be emailed out a few days after each meeting. 

We’d love to receive your ideas on artists to include in future shows. We are looking for artists who have a specific style and provide incredible customer service. Artists can apply on the website. Please have them make a note on their submission that you referred them. The more amazing artists we can recruit, the more collectors will join us for this and future shows.

One of our goals is to host shows that have a variety of artists, so the same artists will not be appearing in every show. We will continue to recruit new artists and to feature a mixture of new and veteran Artburst artists. This keeps every show fresh and exciting for all of us. We will be in touch when a new show opportunity comes up that we think might be a great fit. 

If all artists submit twelve pieces, which we hope they do, we will be processing information on almost four hundred pieces of art. All of those pieces will be created as separate products in the system, many with multiple photos and specific details. You’ll have an opportunity to review each piece for accuracy. After your review and approval, all of these pieces will be included in the design of a custom downloadable catalog to be sent to Collector+ members a minimum of seven days before the show begins. We’ll also be teasing some of your show offerings in social media posts. This helps us get an early start and allows you to focus on marketing. 

We’ve done our best to keep the commission rate as low as possible, while still covering costs and the hours we dedicate to Artburst Studios. The commission pays for website development, costs of doing business, marketing, contract hours for specialists and ultimately, all of the time we spend on business related tasks.