How to Curate an Online Art Show by Artburst Studios

Artful Alchemy: How Great Experiences are Crafted in Artburst Studios’ Highly Curated Art Shows

We Are Artburst; A Behind the Scenes Look…

Curating a virtual art show at Artburst Studios is a fun and exciting journey that is best described as a mix of strategic planning with a hearty dose of our distinctive “Artbursty” passion.  It all kicks off many months in advance of a show announcement.

Quality is at the core of everything we do, beginning with choosing our show themes. Hours of lively discussions result in themes that serve as the conceptual cornerstone of each show’s experience.

Each theme aims to offer artists plenty of freedom for interpretation while at the same time subtly connect all the show pieces into a cohesive whole. We have a soft spot for wordplay, so our themes frequently feature phrases that can carry multiple meanings.

So What Sets Our Curation Process Apart?

It has been our commitment from the beginning to develop a process that ensures the highest quality artwork makes it into our shows. It all begins with selecting just the right artists.

We are always actively engaged in conversations with new artists, carefully reviewing applications to assess their distinctive styles and levels of experience. Beyond a mere thematic fit, we value artists with a genuine passion and purpose behind their work that fosters a meaningful connection between the artist, their creations, and our collectors. Our curation process is continually being improved as we learn and grow. We prioritize quality, uniqueness, and genuine connections from the very outset.

Here Are Just a Few Things We Look for When Selecting Artists for Shows.

1. A Distinctive and Well-Established Style: We are drawn to artists with a clear, focused, and consistently recognizable style that reflects their unique voice.

2. Passionate Art with a Purpose: Our ideal artists have a compelling “why” behind their work—a driving passion that fuels their creativity. We seek artists whose work reflects a meaningful connection to life, as they experience it.

3. Commitment to Crafting a Spectacular Collection: We look for artists who are excited about crafting a high-quality, standout collection of pieces specifically tailored to the unique atmosphere of an Artburst show.

4. Exceptional Customer Service Skills: We value artists who not only create stunning artwork but also excel in providing excellent customer service. It is imperative to us that our artists provide incredible “above and beyond” art buying experiences for Artburst collectors, consistent with our overall mission.

What Makes an Artburst Art Show so Different?

In a nutshell, we’re not just a place to buy art – we’re a complete membership platform that provides an avenue for meaningful connections to be made between artists and art collectors.  After chosen, artists submit their work into the platform and our team carefully checks each detail of every piece (numbering in the hundreds for each show). When the show opens, every original is released at the same time – creating a fun and exciting initial moments where large numbers of pieces are quickly purchased by collectors. Those collectors who already have an account (always free) with our platform have an advantage, as they are able to be logged-in and waiting for the moment when pieces are released for purchase.

Get Collector Plus, Only at Artburst Studios!

Collector Plus members receive extra special treats, including an exclusive gift package by mail (chock full of small sample gifts from Artburst artists) and early-access to view artwork before the shows open. Collector Plus accounts are an attractive option for those who are especially passionate about art and acquiring their most desired pieces.

At Artburst Studios we’ve blended art and technology to create a unique platform that brings artists and collectors together like never before. Along with our commitment to provide beautifully curated online art shows, we are continually expanding our platform’s capabilities to do even more. We hope you’ll follow our journey as we work to redefine the ways artists and collectors connect. There are so many new and exciting things coming – subscribe below to stay in the loop or become a member today to check out the latest features of the Artburst Studios platform.

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