[affiliate_name]’s Affiliate Stats

Your unique affiliate link code, which is located on your private portal page, should be used as the URL you link to the show marketing graphics you feature on your website, your social media and in your newsletters that announce the upcoming show. Art lovers who use your custom link to access the Artburst Studios website and purchase a Collector+ membership can be viewed on this page, along with your affiliate earnings of 20% of each membership sold. The affiliate earnings will be applied to the account of the last artist to refer the collector to the site before a membership is purchased. Your link is good for 1 year, so art lovers who purchase a membership within that time frame and who visited the site with your link as the last active link, will still count towards your affiliate earnings.


The first payment of affiliate earnings will be included with the final payment of show earnings. Earned affiliate payments after the final show payment is made, will occur on the fifteenth of the following month once earnings reach a minimum of $100.