Inside, Outside, Upside Down
February 23-25, 2023

Congratulations on being one of our featured artists for the Inaugural Artburst Studios show, Inside, Outside, Upside Down! We intentionally chose the theme to make it broad enough for you to play with as you create your collection. And, we wanted it to be original and have that sense of Artburst fun attached. To say we are thrilled, is an understatement. We are absolutely giddy about being in a show with artists of your calibre. We can’t wait to share you and your work with the world!

Key things to know: 

  • All artists will be featuring between ten and twelve original pieces created specifically for the show.
  • While we suggest creating different sizes and price points, the variety in your collection is up to you. Just make sure they are sizes that you can safely ship.
  • The show will last less than seventy-two hours, probably closer to fifty. We are still determining the exact hours, and of course they will be unusual.
  • Once the show closes, artwork will no longer be available on our site for purchase. If a collector contacts you who saw the work during the show and purchases a show piece after the show closes, we ask that you pay Artburst the 30% commission.
  • All show pieces will need to be uploaded by no later than December 15, 2022. With almost four hundred pieces of art to be featured, we’ll be working behind the scenes to populate all of the products and the custom build Collector+ catalog. Show pieces can be uploaded as you complete them by using the link on your artist profile.

We’ll be sharing the hours and other show details as we get closer. In the meantime, start planning and creating your collection!