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“Encaustic painting is painting with wax. It’s a centuries-old technique and you have my permission to touch the art.”

Hello. My name is Michele — with one L — and I’ve always been pretty clear about that one L. I am a graphic designer and an encaustic artist. I find that the two paths intertwine pretty nicely and can’t imagine not doing both. Encaustic painting enchanted me from the first time I saw it and was told I could touch it (really!). I took a number of classes and, over time, developed my own whimsical style, voice and palette. Encaustic medium, without pigment, is translucent and playing with translucency in layers or hiding and revealing is very interesting. Encaustic medium with pigment can range from very glazy to very opaque, which then ends up looking downright luscious. All of this, along with the wonderful smell of beeswax, is what has me hooked on this art form. Not only did I take a number of encaustic classes from amazing teachers, I also was an encaustic assistant with Victoria Eubanks at the Art Students League of Denver up until the pandemic (and at the same time, I moved into my own encaustic studio, so good timing!). Five years of assisting with hundreds of students was invaluable to my own career as well. We all explored and learned together. I now teach at Outside the Box Studio (Littleton, CO) so the exploration continues.

Examples of My Work


My very first radio commercial was recorded when I was 2-years-old.


 I read a lot of books. My record is 97 in 2021.


 I might be allergic to bee stings, but haven’t put it to the test since a really bad reaction to bee pollen a number of years ago.


I also knit, but rarely finish anything.

New Girl

I went to five different grade schools. Hated it then, love the life skills now.

What do you wish you could tell your younger artist self?

First, you are going to have so much fun. Second, your 7th/8th grade art teacher (hello Miss Miller) is going to teach you things you will use every day of your graphic design and art life, so hug her. Third, art is about finding people who like what you do and they are out there, so get to work.

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be and why?

Time travel is my all-time desired super power and I have my friend Lisa to thank for the idea, which we covered in-depth on a drive from Breckenridge to Denver a long time ago. Kinda like Peggy Sue, I want to go back in time in my own life and be me, but I want to know what I know now and know that I’m time traveling. I could give Miss Miller that hug!

What other non-artist jobs have you had?

I worked in the ski business for a long, long time. First rental shop manager (and I didn’t even know how to ski yet), tinkered with buying (not for me), and finally was a one-woman, in-house marketing agency for years for the chain of ski shops. Living at 9,600 feet means a very long winter but the industry was truly fun and interesting.
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