Julie Billups

JOINED: September, 2022

My Website

“Designer and metalsmith working in sintered steel, vitreous enamels, gemstones, silver and gold. Jewelry with an edgy rustic, industrial feel.”

I am a West Michigan artist that derives my inspiration from the seemingly widely divergent sources of industrial decay and color. Crumbling concrete, peeling paint and rusting metals all appeal to me. Juxtaposed with the bright colors of an abstract painting or the vivid aquas of Northern Michigan lakes. I work in sintered steel and vitreous enamels contrasted with gemstones in silver and gold. I originally attended Art school but then went in to have a 30 year career as an Oral Surgeon. One of the first women to practice this specialty in my state. I have been producing and selling my jewelry for the last 7 years but after recently retiring from my surgical career I now am a full time artist. My work can be purchased on my website, fine art fairs and galleries.

Examples of My Work


to 3 grown children Grandmother- to one spectacular baby.

Face Fixer

30 year career fixing faces.


Sort of, I have chickens and horses.

Animal Trainer

to 2 poorly trained German Shepherd studio assistants.

How do you get over creative blocks?

I get over creative blocks by looking at abstract paintings and pottery. I also like to go to salvage yards and pick through rusty stuff and broken concrete for inspiration. Or go to the spectacular scavenger hunt that is the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, my nirvana.

Why do you create?

I create because I have to. The ideas would keep me up every night and occupy all my thoughts if they couldn’t get out.

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be and why?

Teleportation. I love to visit places but absolutely can’t stand to drive or fly. So incredibly boring!!
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