David Castle

JOINED: October, 2022

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“As a former technology guy, my abstract art appears rather structured – lines and squares – perhaps generated by that side of my brain.”

I was born in Denver, Colorado in the autumn of 1967, and so began my rather meandering journey to become an abstract artist. After college, I began my first career as a computer scientist, developing software and managing projects for clients across the USA and Europe. During my time working for a tech consultancy, I lived in Denver with extensive travel to both coasts, and then relocated to Germany and Belgium for four years. While living in Europe, my love and enthusiasm for all kinds of art took root and grew. My introduction to making art came while living in Brussels where I took my first painting class in 1993. Nearly a decade later, my high-tech job was eliminated and I began my journey into my second career as a professional artist. I’ve since honed my painting skills through breaking “traditional” rules, learning from many, wonderful artists, and finding inspiration for my abstracts all over. My art is inspired by the variety of mountain and urban terrain I’ve explored throughout my extensive travels in North America and my years of living, working and traveling throughout Europe. I now draw from my exposure to the colors and shapes of these very different places as I combine paper, brush, water and oil, color, air, surface tension and gravity to create each painting.

Examples of My Work


My (current) favorite spot on the planet is Oceanside Beach on the Oregon coast.


Once my passion, now a necessary evil.


 In 2018 I spent 2 weeks aboard a barkentine tall ship, sailing the arctic waters around Svalbard and soaking in the frozen landscape before it all melts. 


 I grew up on a farm for much of my childhood; I can castrate calves and grow organic asparagus among other things. 


 I’ve lived in no less than 25 homes in my life… time to settle down!

How do you come up with titles for your pieces?

I rarely struggle to come up with titles for my abstracts. Usually, they literally just pop into my head upon completion. I think because many of my paintings are inspired by the landscape around me, that helps evoke words or phrases that seem to fit each work.

What gives you goosebumps?

Wherever I go on this planet, a sense of “place” never fails to give me goosebumps. Whether the view from the top of a “14er” mountain here in Colorado, or a secret, sunlit glade nestled in the hills of southern Belgium, “place” is what anchors my worldview and inspirations for my art.

What other non-artist jobs have you had?

I have a degree in computer information systems and worked in a variety of technology jobs as my first career. I designed and developed software, managed teams of people, evaluated emerging technologies and ultimately outsourced my own job to contractors based overseas. Then I tried landscape design and implementation before I pursued my art.
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