Caitlin Zeller

JOINED: September, 2022

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“My work is born of my imagination, and inspired by my memories and dreams.”

Originally from Ohio, I received my BFA from Ohio Wesleyan University with concentrations in Metalsmithing and Ceramics in 2012. In the summer of 2019 I began to explore embroidery and loved working with fibers. Over the next few years I continued to explore this new medium and combined it with some of my metals work. I enjoyed the challenge of integrating the soft and hard together into one cohesive piece. In all of my work I am inspired by the intricate details and diversity found in the natural world, which are so often overlooked. I aim to draw viewers in so they stop and linger, searching for these hidden details. My pieces evolve organically, slowly growing stitch by stitch; born of my imagination, and inspired by my memories and dreams. Although vast, our world is fragile. We must work to preserve and protect it, or we risk losing forever so much of the wonder and fragile beauty it holds.

Examples of My Work


Bread is my favorite, which has lead to a baking hobby


Thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2012


Played soccer from Kindergarten through college, and I still play today


Akron, OH; Brisbane, Australia; New Orleans, LA; Denver, CO


I have a floofy cat named Nebula

What other non-artist jobs have you had?

I have had a fair number of non-art related jobs including working in landscaping, as a barista, at a zoo/aquarium, and working construction. The craziest one, where I learned the most, was probably when I worked on a construction site for 2 years while I was living in Australia. I worked with an owner-builder and helped him construct a 4 story concrete and steel house on the side of Mt. Coot-tha outside Brisbane.

Why do you create?

It is my voice, a way for me to express my thoughts and feelings as I am generally a quieter person. I create to express my opinions and challenge people to face topics they might wish to overlook. It is something I have always done since I was a child, and will continue to do whether I am working as an artist or not.

How do you come up with titles for your pieces?

There are two main ways that it tends to go for me. 1: I come up with an idea for a piece and the title at the same time. Then the whole time I am working on the piece, the title is there in the back of my head and hopefully being reflected in the work and the choices I make throughout the process. 2: I come up with an idea for a piece and as I am working, I am also brainstorming ideas. I keep a piece of paper with my piece and as I think of words or phrases that feel like they encompass what I am trying to convey I jot them down. Sometimes this process extends past when I have completed a piece, so I will hang it up in my studio and continue searching for the right word(s)….at some point one just fits!
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