Inspired to Create:  Introducing Artburst Studios

Video recorded: October 23, 2022

“When you guys were talking about how this came about, to me it sounded like how a piece of art gets created… you don’t know where you’re going and then there’s something…then you have this beautiful piece of work!” 

Deb Weiers

It’s official! We made our own happy place. It’s awesome and we finally get to invite you in.

Learn the Artburst story from the very beginning…how Jennifer Yoswa, Rebecca Berman and Jennifer Steck first connected and how a love of art, artists, snacks, and spreadsheets, led us to create this extraordinary place. Step right in…we’re so happy you’re here.

Collector Plus

The Collector+ membership program provides our most dedicated art lovers and collectors with a highly personalized Artburst experience. Members can look forward to a host of exclusive perks.

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Artist Inquiries

We love artists…those who paint, sculpt, carve, stitch, draw, sew, weld, solder and create art in so many different styles and mediums. We celebrate you and your creativity and look forward to connecting!

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