Jennifer Steck

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“I love all the possibilities that exist when I pull out a blank canvas and art supplies.”

Ideas come at the strangest moments…in the middle of the night, while swimming laps, and sometimes when I’m working on another painting. I love all the possibilities that exist when I pull out a blank canvas and art supplies.

Creating has always been my go-to place. It was usually squeezed between work, raising my son and all the other obligations that life brings. After a career in law enforcement, I focused my time with my local art clubs, in art classes, and playing with paint. Now, almost seven years later, I’ve made my passion my priority and I’m a full-time working artist.

Most of my work features animals, especially the cats and dogs that bring us such love and laughter every day. And…lots of bold color and whimsy!

My joy comes from bringing critters and characters to life, but the journey isn’t complete until they end up finding a good home. Seeing creations find their people is the icing on the creative cake. I love hearing collectors talk about how a piece made them laugh, or warmed their heart, reminding them of a special furry family member. I never quite know where they’re going to end up, but I do know that what I’m doing makes a difference, whether it results in a smile or communicates something deeper to the person who needs it the most.

I love being an artist!

Examples of My Work


I did the polar plunge on Deception Island in Antarctica. The wild places are where I love to travel.


A little black dress and high heels don’t exist in my closet. I’m most comfortable in jeans, a t-shirt and an apron covered in paint.

Morning Routine

I start the day by adding coffee to my creamer. (Pumpkin spice or peppermint…YUM!!)


My family only assigns me BBQ Beef Brisket to bring to family gatherings, because that’s the only thing I can cook.. (Or the only food they think I can cook.)


I love reading fantasy books. J.R.R.Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and Anne McCaffrey’s Dragon Riders of Pern are two of my favorites.

Why do you create?

I love creating! My brain is always playing “what if” and “why not”. Creating invites me to explore the possibilities and helps me work through the stress of life’s difficult situations. I spend time learning, laughing, thinking and challenging myself. It also provides an outlet that links me to others. I’m a bit of a loner at times and my creations connect me with an amazing community of artists and art lovers where we have so much in common and speak the same language, whether it’s in paint or actual words.

What is your hidden talent or claim to fame?

When I was a senior in high school, John Denver chose the Ms. Thunderbird photos for our high school yearbook, and I was the runner up. What makes this even more unusual is that I was quiet in high school, not one of the popular kids, so it was a surprise to me and everyone else. (And…John Denver was one of my favorite singers/songwriters and from Colorado, too!)

What’s your biggest art-related dream?

I always begin a new year with a journal that starts with The Big Dream. This is an over-the-top, pie-in-the-sky, I’d have to pinch myself if it really happened, dream. Writing and illustrating children’s books and having my characters star in a Pixar movie are on the top of the list and have been for the last several years. You never know. Stranger things have happened!
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