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Connecting through conversations of nature’s shared plights and virtues

About Me

Inspired by my love of animals, I use ink, oils and pencils to create detailed, visual narratives that explore the relationships between animals and their habitats.
My style is a combination of colourful, naturalist style, and quirky compositions that pair species who don’t coexist or share habitats. In doing so, I draw attention to the interconnectedness between species and invite viewers to see how wild creatures are being forced to adapt in rapidly changing ecosystems, or risk extinction.

Examples of My Work

Fun Facts

Clowning around- I worked as a clown to put myself through university.
Dogs- I rescue Basset Hounds
Fashion- I dressed as a blue fairy 365 days for a whole year when I was 6
Outlook- My studio is in a paddock and is visited by lots of wildlife
Travel- I have dug for dinosaurs in the Australian outback

More About Me

What other non-artist jobs have you had?

I have always worked with people, as a clown, in customer service, and I worked for 20 years in Animal Welfare, I really think this time gave me a greater understanding of the plight of wildlife and made me want to use my art to help conservation efforts.

What do you wish you could tell your younger artist self?

I declared that I was going to be an artist when I was 6 years old. My earliest memory was drawing a camel. So I would say to my younger self, don't get distracted, you have to do this, art is in your soul.

What is your hidden talent or claim to fame?

No matter where I go random strangers ask me questions like I work there. I just have an "ASK ME" face I guess.