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I sculpt ceramic figures to better understand myself

About Me

I came into the world on April Fools’ Day, 1968, and was born, but not raised, in the traveling carnival. My mother had been an accomplished ballerina and carnival show girl, and my father was a third generation carnie on one of the largest traveling carnivals. My great- grandmother was the tattooed lady in the sideshow during the 1930's. My own past greatly influences my artistic process.

I sculpt ceramic figures to better understand myself. I rely on my subconscious and emotions to guide the process. After grieving the loss of my brother in 2020 I spent the last years devoted to exploring dark feelings. For “Poetry in Motion” my art entered a brighter and more cheerful place. I was inspired by childhood poems, poems that triggered a deep emotional response, and even some poems that were created through AI. Most of the pieces in this body of work were created using a much brighter color palette than I’ve used in the past.

Examples of My Work

Fun Facts

Butterflies- My great-grandmother was fully tattooed with a ring of butterflies around her neck. She went by Little Butterfly.
Candy-I have a huge sweettooth and my favorite candies are waxy and gummy like candy corn, licorice, and jelly beans
Treasure hunting-I love finding worn treasures in thrift stores, estate sales or the neighborhood alleys
True Crime Junkie-I listen to true crime podcasts while working in my studio.
Cooking Games- I love challenging myself to create recipes by food or leftovers I find in the refrigerator.

More About Me

What other non-artist jobs have you had?

Mom, psychotherapist, bookkeeper , financial analyst, retail salesperson and waitress at Cagles Vittles.

What one (art) item can you not do or go without?


When did you know you were an artist?

When I colored over all the walls in my parents house.