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I make mixed-material, urban-inspired jewelry for design lovers. Playfully sophisticated, my work let's the wearer express their creativity and individuality, and much of it is very travel friendly.

About Me

I'm always surprised, and delighted, when someone enters by booth at an art fair and says, "What fun!" Surprised, because I can be quite serious and not a tiny bit anxiety ridden. Delighted, because my idea of fun has never matched with the general population. Meeting a kindred spirit is a little bit of magic.

A career graphic designer, I turned to jewelry making in earnest in 2016. I wanted to put a personal body of work into the world, one free of client requests, and to see my work alongside others in the field. Throughout my design career, I dabbled in every kind of art and craft but kept it close. Making it more public, I knew, would challenge me.

I juggle both types of work, travel for juried art fairs, show my work in galleries and occasionally teach.

Examples of My Work

Fun Facts

I started several years ago and teach people to make rustic pastas from Italy's south. I go into peoples' homes and businesses. My largest group was 44 pre-teens.
Somehow I became a 57-yr-old woman who owns seven coolers. But that pales in comparison to the number of black shoes I own.
I speak Italian well enough to explain to a nice old lady, who found me crying on a curb in Italy, that I was fine. I'd just missed a bus and was travel exhausted.
I'm always on a mission to find a great pool or other body of water to swim in. I never leave home without my suit and goggles.
I have a habit of interrupting cooking to take pictures of slices of vegetables. Hey, it's art. Every seen the inside of a chioggia beet?

More About Me

What do you wish you could tell your younger artist self?

Don't let people infect you with their own self doubt and crush your spirit.

What other non-artist jobs have you had?

Graphic designer, design instructor, lifeguard, waitress, pasta instructor

What is your hidden talent or claim to fame?

Identifying the real problem(s), which is often not what people think, making it hard to solve anything. I love digging deep and figuring things out.