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"There is something incredibly fulfilling about breathing new life into objects that were once cherished but have lost their place and have been discarded or forgotten."

About Me

Despite art taking a back seat while raising my five children, I knew in first grade that I was destined to become an artist. I grew up in Gillette, Wyoming which is where I live and create to this day.

As a self-taught artist, I consider my artwork to be a voice to reflect my experiences and surroundings. Family, traditions, and that sense of belonging are depicted throughout my work as I use bold brushstrokes in oils to create still-life paintings that inspire a universal feeling of nostalgia.

Examples of My Work

Fun Facts

Food - Potato chips are irresistible... Peanut butter is disgusting
Pets - I had a horny toad that I built a cardboard house for as a kid... and cried for days when he passed.
Eyes - I have a small triangle part of my iris that juts into the pupil in one eye... have never needed corrective lenses (knock on wood... eeek!)
Yoga - I was never a morning person until I started a morning yoga practice.
Cozy - I have an electric fireplace in my studio that is on year round..

More About Me

What other non-artist jobs have you had?

When I was around 10-11 years old I got a job at the local trap shooting club as a puller (and that is what I did every summer for eight years). Over the years I was also the neighborhood babysitter, worked in a bakery, worked in a ticket office, was a gallery assistant, a party coordinator, and a program director at the community arts center.

Which artist (famous or not) has influenced you the most and how?

I remember my parents getting free calendars from their insurance agents with Norman Rockwell drawings and paintings... I would flip through those pages over and over again just taking it all in.

What is your biggest fear?

On a trip to Las Vegas with my mother, I reluctantly went up the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel with her. I must have been quite a sight... As I clung to the inner railing there was a tourist laughing at me and taking photos of me instead of the view... HA!